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A mechanical equipment company in Zhejiang

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Customer evaluation: we are local enterprises, the procurement company has been investigated a lot, in contrast to manufacturers, some felt the factory is not standard, the final choice of Anhui jinxinyuan brush Co., because Anhui jinxinyuan brush Co. Ltd. the production operation is very professional, product specifications and diverse, uniform. Now we have worked together many times. We believe in the strength and quality of Anhui Jin Xin Yuan brush Co., Ltd., we recommend that everyone in the industry can go to Anhui Jin Xin Yuan brush Co., Ltd.

Anhui golden Xinyuan brush Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 88 Yingbin Road, Qianshan County Economic Development Zone, Anqing, Anhui
Telephone: 189-5569-7922 (Mr. Zhu)
WeChat: 18955697922

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