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The application of brush in the cleaning and drying unit of steel plate

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Plate cleaning drying unit of aluminum, steel, copper, copper clad laminate and other metal plate to oil processing, steel plate pretreatment equipment is polishing deep processing facilities, a variety of plant signs, sheet metal processing factory will generally choose the equipment for polishing and cleaning operations. In this set of equipment, the brush also plays an irreplaceable role.

This set of equipment is mainly used for abrasive wire brushes. It uses brush to rotate at high speed to clean and clean the boards, while the brush is axially swinging to ensure the quality of cleaning and polishing. At the same time, the brush up and down can be adjusted to better guarantee the precision of scrubbing.

The basic processes are as follows: feeding, basic acid, liquid spray, cleaning, isolation, tap water cleaning, isolation observation, brush washing, docking, high-pressure spray, water cleaning, sponge drying, butting, cold air drying, hot air drying and discharging.
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