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A summary of brush rollers (including technical introduction, classification and use)

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Introduction of brush roller process

Mao Shuagun in strip pickling, hot galvanized, play an important role in the color coating production line. The making process of brush roller in iron and steel industry mainly consists of spiral winding, internal welding and spiral bite type brush assembly. Generally, the diameter of the brush is 0.5 nylon or abrasive nylon. For the service life cycle, the occlusal brush roller dominates. It consists of a single brush sleeve, a key, a brush roller roller and an end plate, and is a whole brush roller assembly form.

A single brush sleeve is made of nylon brush hair, and a single brush sleeve is combined and pressed on the brush roller shaft, and then the whole circumference of the nylon brush bristle is processed by fixing the end plates of keys and ends. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable design and long service life, which can increase the installation amount of the single brush sleeve on the effective length of the roller roller shaft by 10%, so that it can fill the bristles with high density and improve the cleaning quality. After the assembly of the whole brush roller, the overall finishing and grinding of the outer circle of the nylon roller can improve the balance of the brush and prolong the use period.

Two. What is Mao Shuagun?

A pipe of a metal shaft, a plastic tube or a nylon tube on a shaft, or a plastic or nylon pouring on a shaft. The attachment of the brush is formed. In the attachment on regular mining eyes, and planted the nylon or plastic wire, horsehair, bristle brush wire material, roll formed products are industrial brush roller.

Three. Types and uses of brush rollers

1, nylon filament brush roller: high elasticity, high wear resistance and high temperature 1010 nylon yarn brush roller is very popular in the food industry, because its material is non-toxic and pollution-free food grade. Its high wear resistance, high temperature resistance in textile, printing and dyeing industry is also very popular. The characteristics of its high elasticity are widely sold in glass cleaning and other cleaning industries.

2, abrasive wire brush roller: adding corundum abrasive wire and other special materials, wins more nylon chip on its wear resistance. Because of its acid resistance, alkali resistance and other characteristics, widely used in the initial processing of steel, steel plate rust, the production of galvanized steel plate, steel plate color coating and other industries.

3, wire brush roller: widely used in steel, steel, coating and other industries.

4, sisal brush roller: because of its natural materials, furniture plate pretreatment for roughing and polishing. It is also widely used for polishing tiles and other uses.

5, horse hair brush roller: in effect than ordinary brush roller is better, belonging to the two development of brush roller, wear resistance and corrosion resistance in terms of hair brush roller than ordinary brush roller is more prominent, are usually used to process leather, flooring, furniture and other surface polishing, waxing and glazing.

6, plastic wire brush roller: used to clean the surface of stainless steel / copper strip, surface polishing, polishing, thin strip copper surface cleaning / descaling / cleaning / removal process after polishing, blackening surface oxide skin, tubular device surface cleaning and polishing, city road, highway snow cleaning etc.. Precautions before use of brush roller:

Brush roller, as the name suggests is planted on the brush roll in the shape of a (nylon, plastic wire, metal wire, horsehair bristle, etc.) and the formation of.
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