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The application of Mao Shuagun in cloth foam leather processing

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First: leather with a trace of 1. paste or surface treatment agent with foreign matter impurities. It should be cleared up thoroughly. The 2. steel strip has a deep scratch on the surface. The new steel strip should be changed.

Second: the 1. embossing rolls are not placed horizontally. It should be adjusted to the horizontal position. The temperature of the 2. roll surface is not uniform, and the temperature at both ends is low. The auxiliary heat source should be added at low temperature to make the temperature distribution of the roller surface evenly distributed.

Third: coiling after storage wove 1. embossed leather surface after insufficient cooling. Cooling should be strengthened. 2. the temperature of the storage environment is too high. The product should be stored in a low temperature environment

Fourth: the leather has a regular defect 1. pressure roll or the rubber roll of the embossing machine with impurities. The impurities on the roller surface should be thoroughly removed. 2. surface defects of the roller. The roll surface should be grinded to remove the defects of the roll surface.

Fifth: leaface big bubble 1. foam temperature is too high. The foaming temperature of the plasticized oven should be properly reduced. The moisture content in.2. paste is too high. The water in the paste should be removed or the paste with low water content should be replaced. 3. wet cloth. The drying treatment should be carried out

Sixth: after a single bubble foaming Shaw lost 1. embossing roll gap is too small. The pressure of the embossing roller should be reduced and the roll gap should be increased. 2. the traction is too big. The pulling force of the foam artificial leather should be reduced properly

Seventh: 1. raw materials are wet from leather. The pre drying treatment should be carried out. The volatile content of the 2. formula is too high. The use of volatile additives should be avoided in the foaming formula. 3. improper selection of additives. Use quick gel plasticizer and slow booster. At the same time, the higher starting temperature should be used.

Eighth: there are too many air content in the 1. plasticsols with uneven leather foaming. The paste should be degassed. 2. the foaming agent is poorly dispersed. The foaming agent should be lapping with the plasticizer

Ninth: the transverse thickness of the leather surface is uneven and the thickness of the 1. coating is uneven. The distance between the rolls of the scraper should be properly adjusted so that the thickness of the coating is uneven and the temperature of the 2. plastic foaming oven is uneven. The temperature of the oven should be adjusted properly so that the temperature is evenly distributed.

Tenth: the foam layer and the adhesive cloth is not solid or stripped of 1. The gel is too high. The temperature of the preheated oven should be properly reduced. The 2. brush roller is too far from the cloth base. Adjust the brush roll and cloth from driving the foam layer from peeling off strip strip temperature is too high. Should be properly reduced

Eleventh: the deformation of the 1. steel strip with the deformation of the steel strip is not equal to the local deformation. The steel belt should be run before heating up, and then stop after the steel strip is cooled. 2. the tension roller is not parallel, making the steel strip skew when running. The tension of the steel strip should be adjusted in time so that it can operate in the middle of the tension roll.

Twelfth: the coating color 1. booster and stabilizer of improper use. To avoid lead booster and sulfur tin stabilizer used together. For example, the use of lead in the inner booster, in the surface layer using sulfur tin stabilizer, will cause the coating color

Thirteenth: Bucky oil through 1. preheating oven temperature is too low. Preheat oven temperature should be increased properly or shut down small tuyere. The viscosity of the 2. paste is too low. It should be properly improved.
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